5 Keys to Health Insurance and Navigating the new Reform

Today we have a guest blogger, Carl Horne

Company photoWelcome Carl!

He has been working in insurance for 8 years with Healthmarkets. Their focus
has always been on helping families responsible for their own benefits, and the micro business. They broker with most of the highest rated Insurers and give you personal assistance in finding what best fits your needs for your, Health, Life, Supplemental and Disability insurance.

5 Keys to Health Insurance and Navigating the new Reform:

1) Review your health coverage:

Whether your plan is grandfathered(enrolled prior to March 23 2010) or
ACA compliant, talk to a licensed agent to understand your benefits.
The Affordable Care Act, has mandated many new benefits so it’s best to
know what is covered by your Grandfathered plan vs ACA plan.

2) Use Preventative Care:
Part of the ACA mandates are coverage for preventative care. Everything
from Immunizations, Cholesterol and Blood pressure screenings, to
cancer screenings and colonoscopies are covered 100% regardless of your
deductible. Make sure and talk to your doctor about recommended
screenings and you can consult with your agent to make sure it is

3) Plan for out of Pocket Expenses:
Higher deductible plans and large out of pocket maximums have left many
unable to pay their medical bills.
With the high cost of insurance these plans are more attractive because
the premiums are lower. Unfortunately you are at
greater financial risk. A relatively inexpensive way to help is to look
into Supplemental benefits that will pay you if you have
an Accident, Hospital stay, or Critical Illness, and help offset your
financial exposure.

4) Understand How You Use Insurance
Many of my clients are self employed, healthy and use primarily
Holistic Healthcare.
Although it is counter intuitive, many of these benefits are not
covered well by insurance. If it is covered, you will
likely be paying for a much more expensive plan. I have typically found
that the higher premium you pay is more than
the cost of paying for benefits like, acupuncture, chiropractic, and
massage therapy out of pocket.
You may consider an HSA plan. These plans have higher deductibles, and
you pay out of pocket for everything except
preventative until you reach your deductible. After your deductible is
met the plan pays and protects you form the major medical bills.

With these plans you can set up a Health Savings Account with your
bank. The funds in this account can be used for all your out of
pocket medical expenses. The advantage is the amount that you fund your
HSA account is a tax write off.(up to the IRS limit). These funds of
course roll over year after year.

5) Better Protection
Pre existing conditions can no longer increase your rate or deny you
You can also no longer be dropped from coverage for medical reasons, or
have reductions in your plan benefits.

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