Welcome to the SF Wellness Collective.  We are here to bring you a personalized experience of having your very own wellness team working collectively to help you optimize your health.

Many of you are visiting this blog because you are already working with one or more of us to enhance your life. We look forward to posting a new blog each week with the intention of  educating and updating you on topics that will optimize your healthy lifestyle.

Thank you for joining us on our new blog!  (and please feel free to invite your friends)

Your Wellness Collective,

Cassidy, Jennifer,Mario and Shanti


Cassidy Moore PMA® CPT and owner of  The Body Gallery in San Francisco loves teaching clients who are devoted and inspired to feel good in their bodies. She works best with clients who want to train methodically, deeply and are open to change. She focuses on muscular strength, balance and integrity of the body. Your session with her will require focus, patience, exploration and a conscience effort. When you train with Cassidy you will develop deep and subtle body awareness skills and learn the nuances of your muscular habits, essential to change the chronic movement patterns ingrained in your body.

She is a hands on instructor always providing lots of positive, compassionate and encouraging feedback as her clients work hard to overcome their habitual muscular patterns. Even though the sessions are challenging Cassidy and her clients usually find moments of true laughter.

Jennifer Chatfield Dogpatch Massage and Bodywork

Jennifer’s passion is helping people overcome life altering injuries so they can live life with the passion and vigor they long for. Her intuitive sense is impeccable, as is ability to personalize each treatment based on goals, needs and personality.  (see testimonials)  She is the owner of  Dogpatch Massage and Bodywork and is located in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco.

She combines deep tissue, swedish, trigger point therapy, active release, and myo-facsia release modalities into her practice of Orthapedic bodywork. She loves working with athletes, dancers and people who are striving to optimize their active lifestyles.
She specializes in acute and chronic injuries and post surgury rehabilitation.
Jennifer grew up in Minnesota doing gymnastics most of her life and through college at the University of MN, where she received a BA in Kinesiology and Sociology.

SF Acupuncture GroupMario Gallina is a leader in providing effective and compassionate acupuncture and health care to people suffering from acute and chronic pain, including repetitive stress injuries and sports injuries. He blends western orthopedics with eastern concepts and principles to address the various musculoskeletal conditions of his patients.
Known for his calm demeanor, genial presence and effective treatments, Mario works integratively, with a multi-tiered approach incorporating acupuncture, manual therapies, herbal medicine, supplemental and lifestyle coaching. In addition to treating musculoskeletal conditions, Mario is skilled at easing digestive disorders, reducing stress and harmonizing systemic imbalances, including allergies, fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. He collaborates with healthcare providers throughout the Bay Area to coordinate patient care.

Shanti PappasShanti Pappas is a certified holistic health coach and founder of Happy Belly Health. Using a personalized, custom-tailored coaching program, Happy Belly Health helps you become aware of and connected to your own body. You’ll learn to make informed decisions about food choices and how to live a more balanced and sustainable life. Happy Belly Health’s favorite clients come to us for digestive support, blood sugar balance and optimal health practices. We offer a complimentary 30 min initial consultation to learn more about you and put a plan in place to reach your health goals. Connect HERE.


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