Exercise Reduces Stress. We know! Are we ready to change?

Exercise does more for us than just get us in great physical shape, it also gets us in great mental shape!

Everyday life naturally leads to stress, with our jobs, family and the pressures we put on ourselves. What do we do to handle these stresses? Do we do the things that will really help us or just satisfy our caffeine or sugar cravings? Ultimately making the stress worse. Why don’t we take a quick walk around the block or go for a great workout instead? Why don’t treat ourselves like we are our number one client?

Even though we know exercise has been proven to increase the concentrations of norepinephrine, a chemical that can moderate the brain’s response to stress we are still in our same old patterns of another cup of coffee, another pastry or a glass of wine (maybe two).

Maybe it can overwhelming to think of the big picture and we are afraid of failure? When the task seems too daunting we decide not to try than to try and fail?

What if we broke it down into baby steps? Give ourselves a direction one stepping stone at a time? This way we achieve a goal and feel the accomplishment of it. Once we feel this accomplishment we may decide we want more because it feels good to reach our goals right?

What would your first stepping stone be? A quick 10 minute walk  before you leave for work?  Or maybe get off the bus or train stop a  stop early so you can walk the rest of the way to the office? Or take the stairs instead of the elevator?

Think about it. Are you ready to create your first stepping stone?

For more information contact Cassidy at The Body Gallery




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