Pilates for Hip Pain

Currently I am seeing a couple of clients who were referred to me because they were experiencing chronic outer hip pain.
After doing a static postural assessment and glute/psoas muscle function test, I saw the same results with each client. A hip hike and loss of function in both the psoas and glute maximus. This gave me valuable information to work with, I knew at this point we needed to get the psoas and glutes functioning in order to help relieve the hip pain.
The question now is why are the glutes and psoas dysfunctional? Looking at the muscle function pattern in each test gives me an idea of what muscles are hypertonic and possibly inhibiting the glutes and psoas from functioning. This is my starting point in planning out a curriculum for my client.
Each exercise I choose has a purpose and objective focused on getting the glutes and psoas to function again.
Once the glutes and psoas are functioning again we can start to focus on strengthening them.
I give them practical homework to do in between session to support the work we’re doing in the studio. If a client is disciplined and does the homework they will feel results more quickly. Change comes and pain starts leaving. It’s a work in progress to change the muscular imbalances but I’m happy to say my clients are in less pain and getting progressively better.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to chat.

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One thought on “Pilates for Hip Pain

  1. I can attest to the results Cassidy gives. Many of my clients also see Cassidy( or Cara ) at the Body Gallery, and I have seen vast improvements in the clients who are consistent and do the homework Cassidy gives them. There are time when bodywork just isn’t enough, especially with repetitive stress injuries that are ongoing due to work or activity that is part of a person’s daily life. Bodywork is an integral part of the healing, but it can’t be alleviated completely unless the person is willing to change their patterns from the inside out, which is what Cassidy so effectively helps people do.

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