ARE YOU READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS? What’s your plan for your next 7 delicious weeks?

Temptation list of the usual saboteurs…
1. Office treats
2. Alcohol
3. Baking
4. New holiday recipes to try
5. Holiday parties
6. Family functions

There’s a lot of potential challenges in this list. I like to start by becoming crystal clear with my goal. Am I trying to lose weight, maintain, heal my tummy? What’s the motivation? Mr. Kersting, my high school religion teacher/ PE coach taught me the power of vision. He said a famous basketball player (most likely Pistol Pete) dreamt about making the basket over and over and over again.
My suggestion is to envision your success. If you’ve decided to surrender and not try to moderate your consumption of office goodies, take a moment or several, to play out eyeing your most favorite treat, a cute cupcake perhaps, sitting on the lunch room table, begging to be saved…. looking emotional even. Feel the compulsion to snag it… the tingling in your body anticipating the first bite of this decadent “feel good” reward.
Hear the voices in your head “you deserve it”, “moderation not deprivation”, “just this one treat”… Hear your co-workers lures, “I brought this homemade organic all natural gluten-free treat just for you. Don’t you want to at least try it?”

What are you going to say? What are you going to do? What’s it going to feel like? What are the fears? Will you be ok?

My last recommendation is to enlist the help of others. The buddy system works well if you choose the right buddy. Same religion teacher, Mr. Kersting, gave some pretty good advice. “Look to surround yourself with people whom you admire.” My friend, Jessica, is a true inspiration to me. She is kind and loving and shows confidence with her boundaries with ease.

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2 thoughts on “ARE YOU READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS? What’s your plan for your next 7 delicious weeks?

  1. I love the part about envisioning your goal. Visualization has been such a huge part of successes in my life. I feel I can’t succeed unless I can visualize it. When I visualize something, it’s almost sure to manifest!

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