Massage VS. Bodywork

What is the difference between Massage and Bodywork?

I recently had a new client come to me while she was visiting San Francisco from New York City. She had some serious issues going on in her hips and low back due to slight scoliosis. She had been to many massage therapists in NYC and complained that they didn’t do much for lasting relief from her pain., nor did they even recognize that she had scoliosis…

I noticed her scoliosis very quickly and I worked specifically on the areas that were bothering her, as well as the areas I knew were contributing to the problem. I found the trigger points that were referring to other areas of her body and focused on them until they released. I knew she needed work in her psoas but sensed she had never had work done in that area before. The psoas is a very intimate and vulnerable area of the body that is not the most comfortable to have worked on…but once you do and once you feel the results of it’s affects, you only want more! She was all for it!

She felt amazing after our session and was concerned about going back to NYC and not finding someone who could help her in the same way. My advice? … Skip the search for massage therapists and search only for “bodyworkers”. Once you find a bodyworker that sounds compelling, ask them if they do psoas work…that’s how you will know if they are truely a “bodyworker”. True bodyworkers are very familiar, comfortable and experienced in working with the psoas as a gateway to so many other profound issues.

I’m not suggesting that the only attribute that makes someone a “bodyworker” is psoas work, nor am I suggesting that everyone needs psoas work, but I am suggesting that there is a significant difference between massage therapy and bodywork. If you are looking for resolve to an acute or chronic injury due to work or an exercise related problem, you don’t waste time and money on finding the right massage therapist. You will spend much less time and energy if you focus on finding a great bodyworker!

I hope this is helpful for those in search of alternative healing through massage therapy.



2 thoughts on “Massage VS. Bodywork

  1. I know when referring clients in need of muscular pattern change I send them to a bodyworker. A bodyworker will help facilitate muscles that are not functioning and help to release hypertonic muscles that are inhibiting the other muscles from working.
    If I have a client who wishes for “Calgon to take me away” I refer them to get a massage.

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